Made for Alpha Collectors
       A collection of unique and fierce DAOSAUR fossilized in the Ethereum Blockchain and defined to build one of the most prolific DAO in the NFT sphere
The Art
Be a Daosaur
Holding a Daosaur NFT grants access to our ecosystem :
DAOSAUR dominates the NFT-SPACE as the last surviving dinosaur. We're apex predators, always ready to adapt, spotting trends right as they happen. The DAOSAUR NFT-collection represents the best and brightest of NFT-traders: Pros that can smell profit from a mile away. NFT natives and passionate about crypto, the DAOSAUR know when to capture their prey. Using state-of-the-art mining and trading tools, we know when the strike, and we love the thrill of the chase.
Of course, the DAOSAUR moves in style. This is why each NFT represents the pinnacle of sophistication. With unique traits and personalities, our NFTs represent all the qualities that you need to dominate the OpenSea marketplace.
DAOSAURs hunt for Blue Chip projects and hold NFT raiding parties. We're decentralized reptiles, meaning we vote for change, investments, and raiding. As you trade and grow, so does the community.
Are you ready
for the hunt ?
Stage 01 The Genesis
Our first dinosaur NFT collection drops: DAOSAUR.
A collection of unique DAOSAUR on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Though many dinosaur NFT-collections will follow, the DAOSAUR will remain the ALPHA of the ecosystem.
Whether a Wall Street trader or a Middle Eastern prince, the DAOSAUR is a businessman at heart and a seasoned NFT trader.
Stage 02 Daosaur Tools and Raids
Development of the DAOSAURs advanced data mining tool. Created to track the best performing NFT wallets and blockchain traders.
Once the tool identifies a cluster of traders hoarding a Blue Chip NFT we get ready for a raid. A raid attacks the trade cluster and sweeps the OpenSea floor with the entire community.
Project DAOSAUR royalties will also be used to bolster the raid.
Raid times and locations are announced to DOASAUR holders on our private #daosaur-tool Discord server.
A DAOSAUR phone app is also being developed to minimize reaction time when a wallet cluster is identified.
Stage 03 Launching DAO
The DAOSAUR DAO is a community-owned project that survives and grows through royalty accumulation. Each sale and raid will add royalties to the project's coffers.
The DAOSAUR community thrives thanks to decentralized voting. All investments and raiding choices are made by the community. The state-of-the-art DAOSAUR tool will assist in informing the decisions.
Stage 04 The Daosaur Rocket On
When you go to the moon, you need extra fuel! That's why DAOSAUR will collaborate with famous artists to create many more dinosaur inspired NFT-collections.
We're only getting started!
DAOSAUR is the ALPHA collection, and many more will follow!
Stage 05 Staking & Marketplace
Access to the DAOSAUR marketplace is restricted to holders who staked their DAOSAUR NFT.
Staking earns $GRASS which can be used to buy early-access whitelist spots for other NFT collections.
Stage 06 Building the Metaverse
The DAOSAUR marketplace moves to the Metaverse, where DAOSAUR holders can socialize, buy stores, and participate in auctions. The stores will go on sale before the launch of the Metaverse.
The DAOSAUR are true traders , and it shows; using high-end 3D modelling. Each DAOSAUR's unique qualities are registered on the Ethereum blockchain. Marking their unique personality, positions, and style.

Regardless: Every one of them is a ferocious crypto and NFT trader.
Are you ferocious enough to join the community? Go on, show us your teeth! Use the DAOSAUR as your profile picture and show off your cold-blooded enthusiasm!
The Team
The Team
Pierre Eigle
Artist, 3D Modeler
Data Specialist Engineer
NFTChanger Media
Sacha Evans
Product Security Engineer
NFTChanger Media
Digital Artist
Financial Engineer